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Blackjack Rules - How the game is played

The blackjack table in a casino is generally set up with seven betting spots, although some games have as few as five. A dealer acts for the house and stands behind the table to distribute the cards. So now you know how the table is laid out, here are the rules to blackjack…

  1. Blackjack can be played with one or more players.
  2. The players play against the casino
  3. The player must get as close as possible to 21 with two or more cards without going over it and to obtain a higher score than the dealer
  4. The best possible way to get blackjack is to total 21 with two cards.
  5. Players wager by placing their bets in the circle in front of them
  6. The dealer places two cards face-up for each player who has made a wager and one for the bank
  7. The player has two main choices - if he is happy with the two cards he 'stands'. If he believes he can make a higher score without going over 21, then he says 'hit' to ask for another card.
  8. The dealer must continue to draw cards for the bank as long his score is under 17.
  9. The dealer must stand at 17 or more.

So now you know the basic Blackjack rules lets have a look at the card values.

The Cards

Blackjack card values differ slightly from other table games. Below you can see the values of the cards.


Aces = Either 1 or 11

2 3 4 5 6 7 Black jack Rules and Tips 9 10

2s through 10s = Face Value

Jacks Queens Casino Blackjack Rules

Jacks, Queens and Kings = 10 (Face cards, along with actual tens are always referred to as 10s).

Blackjack Rules- Blackjack Table Layout

Below you can see the layout of a standard Blackjack Table, this example was taken from an online game but the table layout is the same in a real casino. You will notice that there are five betting circles with chips inside them, this is the area of the table that a player places bets. The dealers cards are only partially shown (In the example below we can see the dealer is holding a 3 of Diamonds) All the players cards are shown face up. In Blackjack always assume that the Dealers card you cannot see is a 10 and make you choices based on this assumption.

Rules for Playing Blackjack

During game play you can make 1 of 4 actions: You can 'Hit' this means take another card from the dealer. You can 'Stand' which means take no more cards during that hand. You can 'Double' or 'Double Down' as it is also known, when you opt to 'Double Down' you double your bet in the betting circle BUT you can only take 1 more card from the dealer, you can 'Double Down' on any two cards. Finally you can 'Split' a hand, you can only split pairs such as 8/8. You must also place additional chips in the betting circle to the same value as the first bet. The dealer will then break the cards into two hands and add an up card to each, you can then play both hands out separately.

So that concludes our basic Blackjack rules, you should now take a look at the Beginners Tips and the Advanced Tips these pages will tell you which cards you should Hit, Stand, Split and Double Down on. If you just want to dive in and start playing Blackjack then try our FREE game first - Click Here.