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Hitting The Online Casino Jackpot Twice!

Imagine if you were lucky enough to win a large progressive jackpot at an online casino! Many would not even believe their eyes if the saw all the symbols align and their computer told them that they were the winner, well one player was ever so lucky that they have experienced this twice in their life- so far!

A player that was playing a very popular slot game at a famous online casino won the jackpot taking home a large sum of 390,000 dollars, the player said that he was shocked at his win and said that he would continue to play at online casinos because he believed that it was possible for absolutely anyone to win.

Only several months later the same player was at the same online casino but on another game and to his shock and surprise, he had an experience quite similar to his first experience, the symbols lined up yet again and similar sounds emitted from his computer. This time around the player won a sum of just under 100,000 dollars.

The second time around the player admitted that he thought that someone was playing a trick on him but this was all in fact very true. The player is one of the only players to ever win such a large amount only months apart.

He says that he will continue to play at online casinos in the future after he takes a little time off to enjoy his winnings. The player is very grateful to the online casino for his great fortune.