Casinorip Blackjack: Best Place for Blackjack Online

Casinorip Blackjack: Play Blackjack OnlineCasinorip Blackjack: UK Online Blackjack is one of those great websites that's been designed for Customers and although the house does collect, you play of your games against other people, not the house!

So how does it work? Firstly you open an account which is very straight forward and only requires the minimum amount of information from you. You then input you credit or debit card details and deposit some cash to start you off. Once that's been done you're ready to start playing your favourite games.

The Blackjack games section literally caters for every kind of player. Entry fees from £1 to £500 per game should keep even the professionals happy. When you click on your game of choice your blackjack table loads and appears on your screen. The graphics are impressive and very concise.

You will be given $10,000 to start with five hands dealt to you in each round. You can choose ot bet the max $1000 or the minimum $100 on each hand. Click your 'Deal' button and off you go. Like regular blackjack you decide to hit or stand on each hand. When you have made a decision on all five of your hands the dealer turns his second card and the computer will advise if you have won, lost or pushed on each hand.

You have five minutes from when you start to make as much money as possible. You will also be limited to a specific number of rounds in each game so that both you and your opponent are on the exact same level playing field. Whichever of you has made the most money during your respective games wins the cash.

I really do like because it gives people the opportunity to play and win at games they generally play for fun without all of the seriousness of being at a poker table. On the down side, however, the competitions are very arbitrary and you will have no idea if your score is good enough to win until the other person has played. This essentially means that no matter how good you are you may still lose.

Overall though, it is a very good way to play the games you love and at very little expense. The site is very well laid out and easy to navigate around. Log-in is simple and you can be playing your games within seconds - just don't expect to make much cash from it unless you're a whiz!